Consumer Bedding

Reliable Bedding Company builds the best mattresses, using mindful components and excellent craftsmanship. Skilled craftsmen and professional sewers hand craft every king, queen, double and twin mattress that leaves our factory. We quilt, sew, seam each piece to deliver a custom built, “best of the best” mattress.

We have mastered our selection for value and quality for every need. You choose pillow top, coils, price, comfort level from our Executive, Supreme, V.I.P., Deluxe, Pillowtop, and Promotional Collections. 

As a consumer there are four simple questions to ask yourself when shopping for a mattress.

  1. Is it comfortable to me?  With the three top of the line mattresses, as well as several others in the middle and budget categories, you will have no problem finding the mattress that suits your needs.

  1. Is it going to last?  Reliable Bedding is one of the very few American manufacturers that builds every mattress double sided for longer lasting durability and comfort.

  1. If I do have a problem, do I trust the company that I bought it from to take care of the problem?  Reliable Bedding looks forward to building the ongoing trust with you that has kept us going for nearly half of a century.

  1. Cost and value  The question is “how have we allowed buying a mattress to turn into more like buying a car”? There are mattress stores on almost every corner with sales people ready to assist and advise as you walk in the door. Often, you are encouraged to purchase a mattress for someone who knows or cares little about your wants or needs. Why is this a problem? FINANCING! You are offered a payment plan that may or may NOT last as long as the mattress itself.

Buying straight from our factory, our top of the line prices are comparable to the very cheaply made mattresses pricing offered frequently in retail stores. We are going on 50 years of business in the same community, operating solely on word of mouth. All of our products ship nationally for both consumers and contract. You may have heard of Reliable Bedding when mattress shopping, if not , we look forward to building the ongoing trust that has kept us going for nearly half of a century.

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Reliable Bedding offers 3 top of the line options, as well as several others in the mid to economical products. You will have no problem finding the right mattress that suits your needs and your budget. Regardless of the television ads, our mid to top of the line mattresses continue to be made to last 20+ years, and they do.

Reliable Bedding is one of the very few American manufacturers that makes every mattress double sided for longer lasting durability and comfort.

“For long term ware and support, the double sided innerspring mattress has proven to be the most reliable. This is our specialty.”


Luxury Mattresses

Soft to Firm Choices

Reliable Pillowtop 12"

Circle knit fabric quilted to 1" of soft foam on top of 2" of soft foam providing the true soft pillowtop feel.
312 coils Inside -spring covered with combination of fiber padding and firmer foam providing support for a long lasting, soft mattress - a rarity in today's market!

​Reliable VIP 11"

Circle knit fabric quilted to 1" of soft foam for a soft to the touch feel.  1.25 " of medium firm foam on top of 1" of firm foam, fiber padding, and a 660 coil spring unit.  Overall, a medium firm mattress with an ultra firm support system.

Reliable Supreme 11"

If you know for sure you want a firm mattress, this is the one for you!  Circle knit fabric quilted to 3/4" firm foam.  2 1/4" of the most firm foam on the market with extra fiber padding throughout, and the 660 coil spring unit.  Ultra firm all the way through for support and comfort.

Mid-line Mattresses

Firm and Middle Firmness Choice

Executive 9" Firm

Pillowtop option without the added pillow.  Built the same minus the 2" soft foam on top, resulting in long lasting medium soft mattress with 312 coil spring unit.

Deluxe 8" Medium Firm

Same as Executive, except firmer foam with 312 coil spring unit.

Economy Line

Not to be mistaken with "cheap"!  We offer economically designed options that are great for kids, guestrooms, and suitable for your master bedroom.

7" Closeout

9" Closeout

promotional pillow top mattress mismatch
Promotional Pillowtop

These three options, all built with a 312 coil spring unit and no compromise in quality.

Leggett & Platt Rollaway Bed and Mattresses

Twin Rollaway Bed made by Leggett & Platt
Your choice of mattress- innerspring or foam

Foundations and Boxsprings

Standard 7" high. 
Special order available from 2"-10" high.

bedframeimageLeggett & Platt Bed Frames

Twin, Full, Queen, King Hollywoodstyle bed frames.  
Twin/Full, Queen/King with hook on and bolt on bed rails

Truck and Camper Sleepers

1.8 density foam and quilted cover for durability and comfort.

Dorm Bedding

Mattresses for dorms and student housing.  Speciality bedding for dorm and adult housing. Available in standard construction and contract speciality built.

Crib Mattresses

Custom Call us with specifications and drawings