“Buying straight from our factory, our top of the line prices are comparable to the very cheaply made mattresses pricing offered frequently in retail stores. We are going on 50 years of business in the same community, operating only on word of mouth. All of our products ship nationally for both consumers and contract. You may have heard of Reliable Bedding when mattress shopping, if not, we look forward to building the ongoing trust that has kept us going for nearly half a century.”


Buying a mattress should be a simple process. As a consumer there are four simple questions to ask yourself when shopping for a mattress.

  1. Is it comfortable to me?  With the three top of the line mattresses, as well as several others in the middle and budget categories, you will have no problem finding the mattress that suits your needs.

  1. Is it going to last?  Reliable Bedding is one of the very few American manufacturers that builds every mattress double sided for longer lasting durability and comfort.

  1. If I do have a problem, do I trust the company that I bought it from to take care of the problem?  Reliable Bedding looks forward to building the ongoing trust with you that has kept us going for nearly half of a century.

  1. Cost and value - The question is “how have we allowed buying a mattress to turn into more like buying a car”? There are mattress stores on almost every corner with sales people ready to assist and advise as you walk in the door. Often, you are encouraged to purchase a mattress for someone who knows or cares little about your wants or needs. Why is this a problem? FINANCING! You are offered a payment plan that may or may NOT last as long as the mattress itself.